Sense of Humour

We had our third Steering Group meeting at Fettes College back in April. It really felt like the group were getting more comfortable both with each other and with the grandeur that surrounded us when we meet.At this session the group were introduced to one of the participating artists, Chris Evans who did a short presentation of a selection of his previous work.

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Fettes Steering Group Meeting 2

We had the second meeting of the steering group on 30th of March, a Wednesday afternoon in the intimidatingly grand setting of the old library in Fettes College. The Library sits directly above the front entrance of the building and looks out on the front gates of Fettes as well as the rest of Edinburgh. Continue reading “Fettes Steering Group Meeting 2”

The Indirect Exchange of Uncertain Value

‘The Indirect Exchange of Uncertain Value’ is an ambitious public art project taking place in the grounds of Fettes College in August 2011. As an assistant on this project I will be keeping a blog on the Public Art Scotland Website and also here on the Collective Blog.


Lead Artists Tatham and O’Sullivan will create new work to be sited in the Grounds of Fettes College in August 2011. As part of the project Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan have commissioned other works by Artists, Chris Evans and Elizabeth Price. Continue reading “The Indirect Exchange of Uncertain Value”