Pushing things forward and Wider Participation.

It feels like the Fettes Public Art project, The indirect exchange of uncertain value, has picked up a lot of momentum.

The artists are working on finishing touches and final confirmations.

The line up for the 5th August Symposium is confirmed and is very exciting. There are Poets, Academics, Artists and Vito Acconci who fits in to any of the aforementioned titles and more.

The Public Art Summer School is now on sale and looks to be rigorous and insightful week. The programme is very full and varied. It will be an intensive week-long experience of thinking, talking and making public art.

The booking for tours of the work has gone live with the Fringe Box office and you can see our little blurb in all it’s glory on the189th page of the Fringe Programme.


Over the last month for myself and Debi Bannerjee our focus has been leading public art workshops with pupils from Fettes College and Broughton High School. We did three sessions in each school and then as our final session with each group we took at trip to Robert Smails Victorian Print works in the Borders. Some of the Letterpress posters created by the workshop participants will be used as part of a series of posters explaining and publicising the work to be sited at Fettes throughout August.

It was really interesting to see the similarities and differences between the groups of young people and exciting to hear their ideas about public art.

We had our penultimate Steering group meeting on Wednesday 29th June. Everyone has become much more comfortable in the steering group meetings. Even in the grand old library with the brand new chairs still in their plastic packaging, everyone was very open, encouraging and seem to be genuinely excited about the imminent arrival of the work.

I have learnt so much at this point in the project and I know there is a great deal more to come – Best Admin Job Ever?


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