Connections and reverberations

Screening at Festival Square of AutoPark by Osman Bozkurt

Sunday 1st May saw the screening of AutoPark at Festival Square. A short documentary by Osman Bozkurt, about a community in Istanbul that uses a green area beside a motorway in the same way you or I might use a public park.

The location of the screening resulted in some wonderful connections between the film itself and its connotations. The sound of the traffic in Autopark was amplified by the busy road in Edinburgh, and the trees along the square swayed in the wind like those on the screen.

But more importantly, it drew attention to our use of public spaces. I found myself questioning the very space I was standing in – a fairly empty public space in Edinburgh juxtaposed with a community using the side of a motorway as a space to socialise in. As I quietly mull over the use of public space in our cities, I am drawn back to Rania Ho’s Fountain V, and as I arrive back at Collective after the Sunday Screening, I am re-examining my perceptions and understandings of How To Turn The World By Hand, the current project.

I am becoming increasingly aware of the many connections and reverberations that can be drawn from the eclectic programme that forms the basis of this year long research project and I am looking forward to future collaborations with PiST/// and Arrow Factory as this project progresses.

Very exciting indeed!

Voluntary Projects Assistant


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